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DESCRIPTION: Gaining a deep insight into human evolution, researchers have identified a mutation in a critical human gene as the source of several distinctive traits that make East Asians different from other races.

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Epicanthic fold - Wikipedia

The image of slanted eyelids imitated by the Defendant has its lineage in a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent. Not only have the Defendant and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent . 12 Feb The eyes have it. My 9-year-old daughter has stumped me with a question. She asked why the shape of eyelids differ in different races. She used the example of Japanese versus Caucasian people. Any thoughts? • The shapes of eyelids, along with other physical features, are the result of evolution – the. The epicanthic fold is the skin fold of the upper eyelid, covering the inner corner ( medial canthus) of the eye. Various factors influence whether epicanthic folds form, including ancestry, age, and certain medical conditions. Contents. [hide]. 1 Factors. Geographic distribution; Age; Medical conditions. 2 See also; 3.

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I know this is going to sound really strange and clinical, but please bear with me. That distinctive Asiatic eye look Asian people have squinty eyes caused by a variety of things, including strong, forward projecting zygomatic arches the cheek bones just under the eyesrelatively large epicanthic folds, smoothness caused by fat around the eye socket, and a flatter nose bridge.

Not everyone has all of these traits, or has them to the same degree, but these traits all Asian people have squinty eyes to reinforce each other visually, leading to a distinctive effect. In theory, these effects are presumably caused by a combination of continentality and sexual selection for neoteny that is, for cuteness.

The exact way this happened is still the subject of some controversy, but the correlation is well established. The story goes Asian people have squinty eyes ancestors of the Asiatic peoples that is, the people who live in modern day East Asia migrated, in prehistoric times, from somewhere around Central Asia or Siberia to their current locations.

That area is the place on Earth which is the farthest inland, and as a result experiences large seasonal swings in temperature. They would have adapted to Asian people have squinty eyes with dry, cold winters, hot, bright summers, and dust. They would have had to deal with dust in the summer and glare from sunlight reflecting off snow in the winter, under conditions where survival was fairly difficult.

If environmental effects were all that mattered, moving south-east like this would have resulted in these Asiatic people losing their distinctive features as an adaptation to their now more temperate environment. But that wouldn't be instantaneous and environment is not the only factor in play. When these prehistoric Asiatic people reached more temperate and coastal areas, which were capable of supporting a larger population, they underwent a population explosion, which deemphasizex environmental selection and emphasized social selection.

Asian people have squinty eyes Yellow River Civilization, for instance, which is the ancestor to the modern nation of China, had a relatively high population for Asian people have squinty eyes thousands of years.

One important method of social selection is sexual selection. Sexual selection is mating preference. That is, cuter people as judged subjectively by the pool of potential mates are more desired as reproductive partners and therefore are more likely to pass on their genes.

Social selection in connection with infanticide in times of famine might also have played a role. So we can say that features which originally Asian people have squinty eyes as adaptations to an extreme, dusty climate were probably exapted through sexual selection.

I want to add that epicanthic folds are pretty common around the world, especially in children they protect one's eyes while they're still developingand the majority of people have low or flat nose bridges. So it's important to consider who you're comparing these Asiatic eyes to.

If you're comparing them to Caucasians—which is not synonymous with "white" or "European" but is a collective term for the people who form the majority of the population in countries of the Middle East, Anatolia, Northern Africa, India, Europe, Russia, and former European colonies, who have commonalities, including facial features, regardless of their skin color—keep in mind that Caucasian eyes are not neutral.

That is, they do not represent an unchanged original state; they have a distinctive look, too, and there's nothing obvious or inevitable about comparing East Asian eyes to Caucasian eyes rather than anyone else. The eyes of East Asian people look particularly different when you compare them to Caucasians, because the Caucasian peoples went through just about the opposite sort of evolution: If you look at an atlas, you'll see for yourself that the north-western quadrant of the Old World is much craggier than the north-eastern quadrant, with a lot of coastline, full of islands like the British isles and the islands belonging to Italy and Greecepeninsulas like Denmark, Italy, Little Britain, Iberia, and Scandinaviabays like the Bay of Biscayseas like the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean, most of which are remnants of the ancient inland Tethys Sea before it closed upand gulfs like the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden.

So when someone is described as having Asian looking eyes or Caucasian looking eyes, often all we're Asian people have squinty eyes saying is that they look like their prehistoric ancestors came from a highly continental area like the middle of the continent of Asia or a highly coastal area like the Asian people have squinty eyes around the remains of the Tethys seajust as when we describe someone as white or black, we're really talking about, via skin color, whether they look like their ancestors came from high latitudes closer to the poles or low latitudes closer to the equator.

It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with where their relatives are actually from. For Asian people have squinty eyes, South Africa is relatively continental Africa is a much bigger continent than people think. The indigenous people of South Africa, because they live in and have adapted to a location far enough from the equator to have pronounced seasons, and where the coastline is relatively smooth, have eyes that are frequently described as looking "Asian.

Meanwhile, Melanesians and Australian aborigines, who migrated into their current locations by island-hopping through Southeast Asia, have eyes that look more "Caucasian," as you can see in this Asian people have squinty eyes of Australian pop singer Christine Anu, who is a Torres Strait islander, and who had a brief role in The Matrix Reloaded:.

Likewise, since Japan is an island country, is perhaps not surprising that the Ainu, who are the indigenous minority people of Japan, have facial features that have been described as "Caucasian," despite not being particularly closely related to any of the people of Europe, Asian people have squinty eyes Middle East, India, Asian people have squinty eyes North Africa.

Meanwhile, there are people in Europe who are presumably descended from the native people of the more continental region of Europe, called the Russian plain or the East European Plain, who have Asian-looking eyes, including quite pronounced epicanthic folds. Most of these people were, at some point, driven up into Finnland or restricted to Finnland, since Finnland is sometimes considered part of the East European Plain itself by the territorial expansion of the Eastern Slavs, so these sorts of features most commonly pop up in Scandinvia, but it can also Asian people have squinty eyes found occasionally in Poland going by Wikipedia.

Asian people have squinty eyes some reason I've never bothered to research, before routine contact with the Orient was established, European writers tended to describe these as "Tataric" features, despite the fact that they're not really Asian people have squinty eyes in Crimean Tatars, at least not today.

Keep all this in mind Asian people have squinty eyes you think about the case of the anthropologists who examined the remains of Kinnewick Man found in Washington state. They were widely misreported as having stated that he was Caucasian.

That doesn't mean that he wasn't actually Native America. There's a lot more to a person than their facial features.

The question is very clearly misunderstood by everyone. The Chinese eyeball is the same as everyone else. Chinese are not a new species of humanoids and cannot Asian people have squinty eyes regarded as superior or inferior.

Other than the differences in the colour of the iris, the rest of the structures are similar. The "smaller" Asian people have squinty eyes to do with the fact that the exposed area of the eyeball as revealed by the eyelids is smaller. In other words, it's an optical illusion. The Chinese eyelid is thicker and some, but not Asian people have squinty eyes, have that extra fold of skin on the side of the nose.

One "superior" feature of the thicker skin is resistant to wrinkles I. So generally Chinese can save more money on Botox and look younger than their counterparts. Chinese have average sized eyeballs. Edit after question moved to why Asians have different eyes: Many Asiatic people as well as Asian people have squinty eyes tribes in China do not have the epicanthic folds.

So my answer and answers alluding to the "epicanthic" folds may not be correct and the discussion may not seem relevant. Asian people have squinty eyes eyeball is bigger than mm, mentioned in the question. But exposed area can be small. I don't know the reason why there is a fold. Similarly the presence of brown eyes, black hair, smaller nose Asian people have squinty eyes our notion of beauty different compared to the west.

You will need an evolutionist to cook up a good tale to tell and claim superiority or inferiority for the features. Take it with a pinch of salt. The notion of beauty is monopolized by western media and popular beliefs. I am skeptical about the idea that the skin fold confers advantages in arctic or desert environment because these are not places Chinese hang out in.

Other features promoting survival in these environments should be prominent and there are none. For those with the Asian people have squinty eyes folds, just hold up the skin around the nose ridge and pull, the skin folds disappear.

So the folds could just be there because the nose ridge is flatter in most Chinese. Most Chinese will have a "single" eyelid rather than "double" eyelid this is because the the muscle than lifts the eyelid is inserted different. In the double eyelid, the muscle is attached higher resulting in a second skin fold. Which explains why it looked unusual. Granted I am not an Indian expert and Indian ideas as well as their Asian people have squinty eyes in terms of ethnicity is very complicated.

Even their nationhood is very recent following the retreat of the British and ascension. Unfortunately the question is kind of blunder blast, not really distinguishing the multitude of ethnicities in Asia but the most obvious differences in Eye features are between Chinese and Caucasians but not much between Aryan Indians and Caucasians.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Why do Asians and Caucasians have different eye shapes?

How has the east-asian population evolved a distinct shape of the eyes? What Asian people have squinty eyes a Caucasian eye look like? Do Asian people have bigger eye pupil? Do East Asians perceive Caucasians as being continually surprised, due to the difference in eye shape?

Do Asian people have unattractive eyes compared to caucasians? Why do Chinese have small eyes? Incidentally, a branch of this group trekked across the Siberian Strait and populated the Americas. These hunter bands were very small, usually less than 50 people. So within such a small group, under such extreme environmental conditions, evolution happens very quickly and very dramatically.

This is how the "squinty eyes" evolved. Those with large, Asian people have squinty eyes eyes fell to snow blindness and didn't live to have kids. It was as simple as that. Even today, Eskimos use devices like this to protect their eyes from the snow glare: Thank you for your feedback! It possibly is a protective measure. Look at the eyes below.

Indians, Persians, Turks, and Arabs do not have different eyes. Why "Asian" has come to be this awkward catch-all for members of different races with different backgrounds and appearances is beyond me. As to the question, as several here have hinted at, you just need to look at the pretty good records now developed for how humans migrated out of Africa. One general group went north into the general vicinity of the Caucasus Mountains.

The ones who evolved into the European look went west, while the future Orientals went east. The ones winding up in Europe evolved a very pale skin for vitamin D production under cloudy skies. The ones going East encountered extremes of glare, cold, wind, and dust on the steppes of central Asia. They had to develop flattened facial features because those with a protruberant nose would get frostbite, then gangrene, then die.

Remember, we're talking Asian people have squinty eyes the last ice age. Likewise they had to develop protection for those moist orbs of ours, and the epicanthic fold did double duty as bio-sunglasses and as physical shields.

That's why Orientals appear to have smaller eyes, even though their eyeballs are the same size as others'.

They have straight, thick, black hair, slanted eyes, small noses, and wider cheekbones. These traits make it possible to spot Asians in a crowd. The first of these factors is the epicanthic fold, which is a skin fold in the upper eyelid that covers the inner eye corner.

The eyelid is what defines the Asian eyes. The classical explanation is that it is an adaption to the tropical and arctic regions in which they lived. It acts as a visor against the sun, and also, insulation against the cold.

Epicanthic folds explain the flatter and smaller noses that Asians have since epicanthic folds are associated with a flatter nose bridge. Another factor that gives the Asians their slanted eyes is the forward-projecting zygomatic arches , which are bony arches at the outer border of the eye socket.

These uniquely Asian traits could be caused by a gene mutation that happened around 30, years ago. A study has found that the physical traits of Asians are attributed to a gene mutation.

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As Mikamo developed the double blepharoplasty technique at the end of the 19th century, there has been significant developments in the idealized periorbital appearance of the Asian patient. Currently there are four potential vectors of vary possible upper, lower, medial, after that lateral.

South Korea is the only country that most ordinarily utilizes the change in every one four vectors. There is in addition a stark contrast between Asia-based and Western-based approach to the Asian eyes. In Asia, furthest of South Korea, many surgeries employ a combined vertical increasing vector and a medial directional change, particularly for the 18 years old eyes.

In Western-based approaches, Asian blepharoplasty remains at this one of these days primarily an open incision, rising vector change. The perception of beauty and attractiveness is everybody of varying likes and pleasures. Undoubtedly, the eyes represent a key defining factor of facial attractiveness.

Asian people have squinty eyes Women experience pain more intensely than men. Third, skin closure has to be undergone without tension, and additional sutures for repairing the inner Asian people have squinty eyes are not needed. Save your draft before refreshing this page. South Korea is the only country that most often utilizes the change in all four vectors. I never thought much about my eyes until I Asian people have squinty eyes exploring my gender identity. Asian eyelid surgery is now focused on natural Asian appearance enhancement, not Caucasian imitation. Asian people have squinty eyes Princeton University Press; The DNA changes at these sites, researchers believe, mark the turning points in recent human evolution as the populations on each continent diverged from one another. The procedure can be combined with double-fold blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty to widen the fissure. But the researchers are not discouraged. How relatable are you to our community? Asian people have squinty eyes 798

What do girls think of being attracted older guys? 16 Sep And comparing the eyes of Asian folks to almonds isn't even really accurate, according to blogger Claire Light. She superimposed almonds over the eyes of Asian and white people. Light concludes, exasperated: "People, do I have to spell it out for you? East Asians don't have almond shaped eyes. With the growth in the standard of living and culture, Asian people have since changed their concept of the beautiful eye to include not just Westernized some East Asian patients are often dissatisfied with their outcomes and request further surgery; they desire less of a small, slanted look and a more refreshed, open..

Q--Is there a theory that explains the evolutionary advantage of the shape of the eyes found among Asian people? A--There is no complete evolutionary explanation for the apparent slant of the eyes common to Asians. The configuration, not actually the shape of the eyeball, results from a fold of skin of the upper eyelid, the epicanthic fold, which tends to cover the inner corner of the eye. Frank Poirier, a physical anthropologist at Ohio State University, says the classical explanation of epicanthic fold depicts it as an adaptation to the tropical and arctic regions where many Asians live.

The fold is described as a sun visor protecting the eyes from overexposure to ultraviolet radiation or as a blanket insulating them from the cold. According to Poirier, the problem with this theory is that a substantial portion of the Asian population evolved in areas outside of the tropical and arctic regions. In addition, he says epicanthic fold is not limited to Asians.

Poirier attributes the fold to pleiotropic genes--single genes that control more than one characteristic or function--but he has no explanation for its origin. Coping on land after surviving at sea. Dark meaning of bubble-gum Pumped Up Kicks is tough to chew. DAP Fanatics


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27 Oct That is, they do not represent an unchanged original state; they have a distinctive look, too, and there's nothing obvious or inevitable about comparing East Asian eyes to Caucasian eyes rather than anyone else. The eyes of East Asian people look particularly different when you compare them to Caucasians, because the. 31 Oct Propaganda signs at the time of Japanese-American imprisonment during World War II or when the Chinese Exclusion Act was in force during the 19th and 20th centuries depicted characters with hyperbolized slanted eyes to dehumanize Asians. And these stereotypes persist today. Asian-Americans who. 13 Oct Q--Is there a theory that explains the evolutionary advantage of the shape of the eyes found among Asian people?A--There is no According to Poirier, the problem with this theory is that a substantial portion of the Asian population evolved in areas outside of the tropical and arctic regions. In addition, he.

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