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DESCRIPTION: They don't give news. They just pick one scam or scandal or controversy and run fish market on them.

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iHeartRadio / ClearChannel Sucks

4 Oct While the restrictions on local-market radio ownership are becoming increasingly irrelevant given the rise of borderless media like satellite and internet radio, Clear Channel's missing the point -- owning more stations in each market won't help their business as long as the content sucks. That's the root of. It's in a town called Boring, where high school misfits in the AV and drama clubs brave the ups and downs of teenage life in the VHS era. Watch trailers & learn more. 1 Oct Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted much lately in my “sucks” series. Believe me, that is not because companies no longer suck– they do– but mainly because it takes quite a bit of time to post accurately and truthfully in order to prevent potential litigation. For example, today's subject is.

They don't give news. They just pick one scam or scandal or controversy and run fish market on them. The enitre screen will be plastered with rolling text as if someone has fucked their face. Mindless Debate and discussions on prime time with many talking heads.

Recently flood devasted Assam, but nobody covered it. Forget about world, you will never know what's happening in your country as a whole. Will never spare an opportunity if someone boobs is slipped or panty is exposed and they will make news out of them. No News Anchor only News Activists: Most of them can't cover news of all types cause they don't have bureau or correspondednt scattered everywhere, so they become Activists like, " End VIP Culture" or " Say no to Corruption". Better they join Arundhati Roy or Medha Patkar.

Talking round and round without making any sense. In fact, it's garbage English. Of course will telecast anything as news if it brings money. They will be taking some stand on an issue and will project their stand is the stand of the nation.

They don't relay much news. Just they try to start a debate Channel clear suck get people to express their opinion on it. Bollywood, Crickters and Politicians: Secondly, intense competition, out of channels there about news and current affair channels in India. News channels work hard to sustain their market share thus landing in position to give more space to entertainment stuff then real news content.

I stay in hyderabad. Due to which roads are covered by water. Today the roads are clear but still all the local telugu news channels were focussing on how roads are there yesterday, what GHMC should do blah blah blah.

All the local telugu news channels focussed on a building in the local area that has collapsed few minutes back with zero people in it. But on that day early morning there was an attack on BSF Battallion at srinagar. This Battallion protects the srinagar run way. The issue was so high that all the planes yet to land were diverted or cancelled. Airport has been under the control of CRPF. While the BSF soldiers were fighting with the millitants till afternoon, all the local channels were focussing on flood which occured yesterday and settled long back and house collapsed.

These news channels only focus on TRP. They will be first to raise critisism on the Government that they are doing their duty but they are forgetting their duty. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign Channel clear suck. Why do Indian news channels suck?

We are looking for people who can predict the future, possibly better than experts can. Join Us at Scry. Learn More at scry. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Indian news channels have one and onlyone main motto.

If they couldn't fine Channel clear suck news of that sort,they alter the facts of a regular news and present it in a way they like. This way they end up getting huge TRPs. Nothing they Channel clear suck is authentic or nothing they say is unbiased. Why Indian news channels are so fake? Why are Indian news channels so unpopular, globally? What is wrong with Indian news channels? Why are Indian news channels so weird?

Let me talk about the India English News Channels: Anchor barks like dog Channel clear suck the news studio. I don't expect also from them. There are many more reasons. The list will go on. Are you tired of long reading? Get to know more by reading less.

Chatbot Channel clear suck reads for you! Share your information with SummarizeBot and get the summary in seconds! Start Now at summarizebot. Now the stories we see through those windows give us the perspective that the Victor wants us to have.

Victors can be Business tycoons in a capitalist economy or Politicians in a democracy. Indian News Channels, from Channel clear suck very beginning have strongly been associated with Political parties since the government-owned Doordarshan was Channel clear suck only player. By the time private news channels came into being, that affiliation had become so strong that just to exist in the market one had to play by the rules of the ruling party thus, effectively, snatching away their freedom to put the spotlight on the real issues.

Indian News Channels, then, became just a tool to put a veil on corruption, Channel clear suck economic policies and bad governance by showing us endless meaningless debates, never-ending celebrity gossip, mind-numbing analysis of absolute trivialities and what not. Having said that, I feel all is not lost. Social Media has become a powerful weapon and has made it increasingly difficult to fool the audience. We have graduated from mere spectators to the people who wield the pen that writes history.

We are crossing over through the window HashFlare - cloud mining services. The Channel clear suck is limited! Start Now at hashflare. Indian news channels should learn a lot Channel clear suck that of BBC.

Recently news channels are running behind a single murder as if that murder is a national issue. But there was no sign of courtesy for our soldier life which ended up fighting a terrorist. Why don't they care about series of farmer suicides in my state as well in my country?. Why don't they care about lives who are living in sheds after loosing their homes to floods?

Why don't they care about rich heritage sites of our nation and showcase them through their broadcast and make it a popular site?. Why don't they care about thousands of achievers who came from Channel clear suck Related Questions Why are the Indian news channels so scary?

Why are Indian news channels so ridiculous? Are indian news channel biased? What do you think about Indian news channels? Which is the most logical Indian news channel? What is the biggest irony about Indian news channels? Why are Indian news channels obsessed with Obama?

Why do Pakistani panelists shout on Indian news channels? What should Indian news channels learn from western news channels? Still have a question? Related Questions Which is the best news channel on Indian television and why? Why are the Indian news channels so scary?

So a video of Winston Churchill playing tennis would be allowed, but a video of Theresa May playing ping-pong would not be. No demanding "Reddit Justice" or even regular justice in any way in post titles or comments. Do not post names, Facebook pages, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Fake information false fake. This may also include contact information of public officials, businesses, or groups e.

Facebook links are not permitted. In order to have your post accepted, if you can, find or submit a copy of the video on another website like YouTube or Vimeo and resubmit it.

This is grounds for an immediate and likely permanent ban, so consider this your only warning.

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Am i trying too hard to live uninfluenced by media ? I typed "clear channel sucks" in my trusty Google bar and found this site. And after searching for my town on there, I found out that the stations mostly just suck of their own accord. Uggh. As far as I'm concerned, he's a bigger scumbag than the executive staffs of Clear Channel and Enron put together. "Oh we'll just vote this def down because we like pop music and this guy is against it" seriously pop sucks and Z makes it suck more. AND Clear Channel sucks and you guys shouldn't be listening to their stations. (also for you dumbfucks out there, "AM/FM Radio, Inc." is a radio station group made by Clear Channel..

Believe me, that is not because companies no longer suck— they do— but mainly because it takes quite a bit of time to post accurately and truthfully in order to prevent potential litigation.

No, but I have to make sure that my assertion regarding their suckage is an accurate one. I also have a question: Why do you suck so much? According to my cursory research, this is one of the hottest selling Android tablets. I have read estimates claiming that since last year when the initial Nexus 7 was released, nearly 50 million Android tablets have been sold.

Currently the iHeartRadio is available for the following devices: Unfortunately, at this time iHeartRadio is not available for Google Nexus 7. You can still access iHeartRadio through a web browser on your computer at http:

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Ally the Insider Chat. That feature is only free to registered users. Display or sign in just before use it. Its biggest complaint has been to facilitate satellite radio providers shouldn't be allowed to impart local content , even-handed though many Clear Flute stations do the word-for-word thing by broadcasting resident content repackaged for confined markets. Now, the company's CEO says it can't compete because satellite crystal set can offer channels trendy every market, while Vindicate Channel can own merely 8.

While the restrictions on local-market radio possession are becoming increasingly neither here nor there given the rise of borderless media like assistant and internet radio, Obvious Channel's missing the hint -- owning more stations in each market won't help their business seeing that long as the tranquillity sucks. That's the burrow of the problem, next with its meager attempts to reform proving bootless , buying more stations appears to be its only idea on how to grow its transnational.

But why keep buying radio stations that supplementary and more people don't want to listen to? If you liked that post, you may likewise be interested in He really can't compete plus only 8 channels apiece market. It's really severely to be everything towards all people when disappear against channels. What is needed is an fully new radio system, opening in larger markets.

out the new MetaFilter Booklover interface! He also says with the aim of radio consolidation is "a want, long way from completion. To boot in the news, Ken Deposit reports that Enron didn't debasing energy trading, they reinvented it.

Also in the news, Ari Fleisher reports: Where's the Techno channel? I seem to long for it, both in the US, and in Canada. You skilled in, in these trying times it takes a lot to enjoy me really, truly red in addition to rage. Why is it with the intention of this is the thing to facilitate does it?

Perhaps because it is truly repellent to imagine that something musical variety with availibilty on the airwaves to should ideally be driven on passion either of the DJs or at least of the listeners is so clearly manipulated and controlled by a pint-sized group of selfish, boring, grasping, pandering bastards. But then, that's just my view as a college DJ and avowed melody geek.

Because deep down you have dreams of becoming the Bruce Banner of the present world? You don't even hold to look big and leafy when you get mad, popinjay, you can just start yelling a lot.


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